A Musical Adaptation of Phillip Pullman's novella

Philip Pullman's deliciously dark fairy tale is brought to life as a new family musical by award-winning actor-musician company DumbWise Theatre. Combining humour, fantasy, live music and original songs, this moving and darkly comic adventure is told through interlocking stories that whirr, spin and turn like cogs in a great big clock.

Tick, tock, tick, tock!
A writer with an unfinished story; a tormented apprentice clock-maker, and a deadly mechanical knight in armour. Wind up these characters, set them down into a snowswirling winter's evening, and suddenly, real-life and story-life begin to merge in a peculiarly unstoppable way.
Some stories are like that. Once you've wound them up, nothing will stop them. Almost like the hands on a giant clock...

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